Meet the Owner of Ms Dee Fit, LLC

When my sister passed away with a rare form of Lupus called Lupus Psychosis, I began stress eating. I never had issues with my weight before and I ate whatever I wanted with little to no exercise. I knew nothing about eating properly and working out. I found myself slowly gaining weight to the point where I just gave up on caring. At times I just accepted the weight gain and thought, "Just buy bigger sizes in clothes." It became a habit when I was sad, upset or angry to stuff my face (late night snacking, processed foods, snacks were my comfort). When it got to the point that I looked in the mirror and noticed bra rolls plus I was breathing  heavier and had shortness of breath-I decided to take control of my health. It wasn't easy. It took at least 3 years to figure out that I needed to stick to a plan and forget about quick fixes, surgery (I don't judge just not for me) and quitting wasn't an option. I took small steps that turned bigger and bigger until I found myself losing up to 45lbs. You can do it too. It is okay to ask for help. We are here for you for your fitness journey that may have bumps along the way but it is worth it. I transformed my life around and began to help people just like you. I worked with children as a certified teacher and fitness instructor, I worked with women and men to help them along the way to reach their goals. I commit to be fit.

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