Hi all. Today I bring up "CHALLENGES." Sometimes we are faced with things that we cannot control. The challenge is being able to accept change and move forward. A good example is my fear of heights. Well, I believe most people would be quite nervous if not fearful of being on top of a tall mountain or cliff unexpectedly. I don't think it matters if you are a frequent flyer or climber. When we lose control it is scary. When we don't know what's ahead, it is scary. This obstacle is only temporary but in the moment it feels like it will last forever. I finally faced my fear of climbing. I climbed a 15ft rope. I knew I could hold myself up but the fear of falling made me fail several times. But the motivation in me to keep going kept me focused on the challenge. Today I can say I have climbed up the rope more than once and plan to continue to get better at it. I encourage you and others to stick to a plan and make attempts to never give up even if you fail. Hey, failing is a miserable feeling but it's a part of life. I got into fitness to help others reach their goals while the face fears and challenges. I keep up with my own fitness to  maintain my health and wellness. I hope you continue to keep up with Ms. Dee Fit. New products coming soon !!!

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